About GoSport

GoSport is a European project aiming to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities by improving good governance in sports. In order to contribute to the improvement of good governance in sports organizations in Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Italy, GoSport aims at:​

How will GoSport succeed?

By conducting a study

on how sports organizations interpret, manage and prioritize social responsibility issues, and how social responsibility is communicated within sports organizations.

By developing a guide

on recognizing social responsibility and understanding
the relationships between a sports organization, its stakeholders and the society, and on how social responsibility can be effectively integrated throughout
an organization.

By developing awareness raising

and training toolkits for professional, semi-professional and non-profit sports teams, clubs and academies on implementing good governance principles through social responsibility.

By developing these toolkits

in a digital format.

By organizing 5 info days

in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece and Italy,
and a final conference in Athens, Greece.